Welcome to East Kansas Bassmasters!

Some things we discussed at our meeting on 4/4/20: 
-Bass Pass will be required for ALL tournaments throughout the year. Please have it with you at all tourneys. (Please bring it to the ramp during the La Cygne tournament so we can check them)
-For La Cygne, please be on the water at 6:30am. We know it’s early but it allows us time to take money, register people who didn’t get in early, and fill out release forms. 
-To fish in EKB, a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance is required. If you plan on fishing any other KBN events they require a $300,000 liability insurance.
-Cull clips NEED to be non-puncture clips. 
*If you have any questions please email us*

Questions or concerns about this site or about the club - please e-mail eastksbassmasters@gmail.com


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Congratulations to Paul Redmond and Craig Honeywell

2019 Team of the Year!