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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Extended to YOU!

Your president, Dale Manning, challenges each and every East Kansas Bassmaster to help swipe out ALS by doing the Ice Bucket Challenge and hopefully making a donation at too. And hey, while you're at it why don't you post your video to the group's Facebook page! Have fun!

Information regarding the Banner Creek Tournament on Aug. 16

Only three tournaments left this season...
You may recall that this weekend's tournament has been MOVED to Bone Creek. The lake level at Banner Creek is low, thereby making the boat ramps unsafe. This was announced several weeks ago.

We will not use the Bass Pass, so lake rules will apply - 13"-18" are protected. So any fish under 13" or over 18" can be a keeper, but none between those sizes. If your fish hits 13" you must throw it back, but once it hits 18" it can be a keeper again. You will be allowed one courtesy measure per weigh-in if you feel uncertain.

- Sign-in from 5:30-6 a.m.
- Draw for take-off at 6 a.m.
- Take-off at 6:15 a.m. or safe light, whichever comes first
- Four fish per angler that follow the above lake-set guidelines
- Weigh-in at 3 p.m.
- $25 per angler, which includes big fish pot

Please arrive early, after all, the earlier we're ready the earlier we can start. Also, please prepare for hot water. Bring frozen water bottles, not just ice, too much chlorine, to cool live wells. We will have Stay Alive available if you need live-well treatment. Let's keep those fish alive please. 

Also, please check your calendar before Saturday so we can brainstorm some meeting dates. We need to get together and support Mondo Tackle at the same time.

If you have not yet paid for your jersey please bring payment on Saturday OR mail a check to EKB at 305 W. Spring Street, Spring Hill, KS 66083

Any questions or concerns, please call/text Dale at 913.526.3253 or e-mail the club's account at

Thank you!

Opportunity from Mondo Tackle *Club Members Only*
First place team will each receive a $50 Mondo Tackle gift card if the boat or tow-vehicle has a Mondo Tackle decal on it. Stop by and see Raymond at Mondo or order from his website to cash in on this opportunity. This opportunity is only available for members of East Kansas Bassmasters. 

As of Feb. 28, concerns, comments, and questions can be directed to the brand new e-mail address associated with East Kansas Bassmasters. So add to your e-mail contacts. That way you can find it quickly and e-mails from that address won't get filtered into your spam folder. 

Congratulations to our 2013 Angler and Co-Angler of the year!

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