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East Kansas Bassmasters

Tournament #1 - Stockton Lake - Sunday, March 26

  • If dues were paid by midnight on March 21 you were entered into the early draw for take-off order. If you pay after that, you will be added to the list in order of payment.  
  • This year it will be a 5 fish limit per team for each EKB tournament. You must declare who your normal TEAM will be and who your two alternates are for the year before your first tournament. Immediate family members are not counted as alternates but must have the correct fishing license, Bass Pass and be a member of BASS to participate. If they fish a second tournament they will be required to join the club. Please send your alternates to as soon as you can so that they can be entered and help eliminate any confusion in the future.
    • Ramp: RB It is the NW ramp on the lake just off of RB highway
    • Take-off:  7 a.m. or safe light  (Please be on the water by 6:45 for National Anthem, last minute rules and other info)
    • Off limits - There are no off limits unless posted by the local authorities and no fishing signs posted on docks
    • Weigh-in:  Must be back inside the buoys by 3 p.m. or you will be deducted one pound per minute up to 5 minutes, after 5 minutes you will be DQd.  Weigh-in will start by 3:15.  Bags will be handed out first come first served but the Tournament Committee will manage the amount of bags out.
    • Weigh-in procedure - After you get your bag and bring your fish to the scales you will need to pull out the mesh bag and place it in the tank, a TC person will take your outer bag, hand the mesh bag with fish to the bump guy, stand next to the scales, after they are weighed you can take two fish out for a picture then hand the mesh bag and fish to the other TC guy and they will take it from there. This procedure is to help speed up the weigh-in and eliminate handling of the fish.  It may take a time or two but this should speed everything up once we all get the hang of it.

2017 First Meeting of the Season​

We are going to have our first EKB meeting of the year this next Wednesday at Mondo Tackle.  This is a good time to bring someone new if they are interested in EKB.
Meeting starts at 6:30 p.m., but feel free to come early and pay dues if you have not already. Members who have paid by 6:30 p.m. that night are able to vote on the proposed format change, rules, etc.