East Kansas Bassmasters

​​EKB Supports Pledge to Pitch It

The East Kansas Bassmasters are fully supporting the Pledge to Pitch It campaign which is motivated to remove all harmful plastics from waterways. Visit pledgetopitchit.org to find out more! Follow EKB on Facebook and on Twitter for more information. 

Jesse Jordan Named KBN's Conservation Director

EKB is proud to announce that one of their own has assumed the position of Conservation Director within

the Kansas Bass Nation organization. He and club president, Dale Manning, attended the spring KBN meeting

in Pratt, Kan. on Feb. 28. As follows is the bio KBN has used to announce Jesse's new position.

Jesse worked for the Nebraska Game and Parks in High School where he began learning about the conservation of natural

resources.  He went on to serve in the Marine Corps from 2004-2006 where he earned a Purple Heart for being injured in

the line of duty.  Jesse Jordan fell in love with fishing after being injured in Iraq; being on the lake provides him with peace

and therapy that he hasn’t been able to find anywhere else.  He wants to help conserve our area lakes to make them into

better fisheries so the next generation can find joy in fishing as well. Currently he is actively involved in the East Kansas

Bass Masters fishing club and works as an Engineering Technician in the Water Division at Black & Veatch. Jesse loves to

take his wife Kelly and their dog Izzy fishing with him on the weekends.

As always, EKB is proud of the accomplishments of their members and the club as a whole, especially in terms

of conserving the beautiful natural resources Kansas has to offer. 

EKB Pairing with KDWPT in a Conservation Effort Tournament

Thanks to Brian and his efforts we will be helping out the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism with a fin clipping research project at Hillsdale Lake April 26.  This will not be an EKB tournament but will be treated as a tournament in an effort to collect bass for the KDWPT biologists to run tests on regarding their health, reproduction and population. Hillsdale needs all the help it can get!  KDWPT will have holding tanks for the fish that are caught and will be sampled and released by them as well.

Please plan to attend and spread the word so we can help out our area biologists.  There will be media there to cover the tournament possibly the KC Star and hopefully Miami County TV.
- Take-off at 6:30 a.m. or safe light
- Weigh-in at 3 p.m.
- Side pot for big bass
- Fish as a family, team or by yourself
- Plan on food afterwards so bring the family.

Standardized and Personalized Rulers Ready for the 2015 Season

Thanks to Raymond at Mondo Tackle the club has a set of EKB rulers that are all the same and have the logo on them. Every team will get one ruler at the first tournament and be responsible for it. If it is lost the team will be responsible for purchasing the replacement. 

EKB Named KBN's Club of the Month in February, 2015

Kansas Bass Nation has recognized the East Kansas Bassmasters as their club of the month which includes a nice write-up about the club on their site. Check it out here. Thank you to everyone for making our club worthy of such notable recognition. 

Looking Forward - Club Dues
It's that time of year again!
The club dues are still $25 per member and $30 per member for the Kansas BASS-Nation. This is a total of $55. Then, please join BASS on your own and send your membership number to eastksbassmasters@gmail.com so you are added to the EKB roster. Make $55 checks payable to EKB and send to -
                                Dale Manning
                                305 W. Spring Street
                                Spring Hill, KS 66083.
Do NOT make checks payable to Dale Manning.

Rule Changes & Updates for 2015
- 8 out of the 10 tournaments will be used to determine points champions (drop two)
- 100 points per tournament for one- and two-day tournaments (not 100 points per day)
- If you are not at the pre-tournament drawing meeting at the specified time you will be last during take-off in order of late arrival
- Penalty for short fish, penalty to be determined as of Jan. 10. The tournament director or individual appointed has the final say regarding fish length. 
- Take-off positions will be drawn with identical measuring boards provided by EKB which must be returned at weigh-in in order to weigh fish

EKB Participated in Conservation Efforts at Melvern Lake during the fall of 2014

At the Melvern Lake rearing pond largemouth bass of suitable size were sorted out to be stocked in Melvern Lake.

Opportunity from Mondo Tackle *Club Members Only*
First place team will each receive a $50 Mondo Tackle gift card if the angler and co-angler of the winning boat both have a Mondo Tackle decal on their boat or tow-vehicle. Stop by and see Raymond at Mondo or order from his website to cash in on this opportunity. This opportunity is only available for members of East Kansas Bassmasters. 

As of Feb. 28, concerns, comments, and questions can be directed to the brand new e-mail address associated with East Kansas Bassmasters. So add eastksbassmasters@gmail.com to your e-mail contacts. That way you can find it quickly and e-mails from that address won't get filtered into your spam folder. 



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